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Setup a wholesale account with GLASS4M and gain access to selling the next generation of gadget and device protection. GLASS-M Protector is an innovative product that attracts a wide range of consumers. Becoming an authorized reseller is the first step to be a part of this success. We at GLASS4M value our resellers, and will work with you to attain your goals. If you have a physical or online store and are interested in carrying GLASS-M Protectors, please contact us.


GLASS-M Protectors provide scratch protection like no other. Due to the luxurious nature of today’s gadgets and devices (such as cell phones and iPods), more and more consumers are starting to look for different ways to protect their prized-possessions. GLASS-M Protector is a tough, durable film that protects gadgets and devices without adding uneccessary bulk like tradational cases. It’s clear and virtually undetectable by the eye. For more information about GLASS-M Protectors, click here.

We produce GLASS-M Protectors for the latest and most popular gadgets and devices, including cell phones, iPods, gaming systems, digital cameras, laptops, and more. This is a product that will keep selling and selling. There is only the original GLASS-M Protector, and it’s available here at GLASS4M.


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If you are interested in our Reseller Program, please register for a GLASS4M Wholesale account. If you have questions regarding wholesale contact us and our team will be more than happy to provide you with information.